Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scams and Side Hustles

My latest idea is to transition to a blog about the many means of getting by. The economy has left me with a decent job that pays very little, I am just able to pay my bills and buy food without a dollar left to put into savings. Lately, I've been picking friends brains for ideas on lucrative side hustles. Most ideas that seem viable (meaning not requiring a whole lot of work) require a lot of risk, and are very illegal. I would never waste my time judging folks who are doing what they can to get by, in fact I believe I should be as supportive as possible as a means of solidarity with the masses scrapping by under this shit-system. So here I start the scam and side hustle blog.

(update) SCRATCH THAT IT'S BEEN DONE, KINDA - Scamplots -may need some tweaking...

PleaseRobMe website via the BBC

and the ATM skimmer