Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Riot History: The Whiskey Rebellion

Today is the anniversary of the so called Whiskey Rebellion. Twenty years after the American Revolution, still idealistic Americans rebelled against the government and the unfair excise tax imposed upon them (as they believed was their right based on the newly formed constitution). The "revolutionary" in power, Alexander Hamilton, raised an army as big as the army raised for the Revolutionary War, which ultimately led to a vast increase in centralized control over the American economy, and society. read more

Whiskey rebellion flag

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Workers Attack for Jobs

Steel workers attacked ArcelorMittal's Luxembourg headquarters on Tuesday, setting off smoke bombs and trying to break through the

front door to protest temporary layoffs during the economic slump.

While the company held its annual shareholders' meeting, some among the 1,000 workers from Belgium and France hurled cobblestones and steel fencing at the building, which riot police lined up to protect.

One protestor broke into the building and between 20 and 30 others fought police at the entrance. Journalists were told to leave the ground floor and go out a back entrance as smoke filled the halls.

Crowds Attack Cops After Killing

Crowds spontaneously attacked cops after they shot two young men in Austin. Read more

this news clip is mostly crap, start at the 3 minute mark