Saturday, January 17, 2009

5 Reasons We Aren't Tossing Bricks, Yet

This New York Times commentator quite blatantly mourns the lack of rioting in the U.S., and offers up some theories on why it isn't going down yet.
Free market advocates have been rendered impotent; why aren’t they up in arms that their belief system has been forever invalidated? Leftists watch as our elected leaders hand over the oversight function to the very companies that caused this mess; why aren’t they taking to the streets?
This article is a few months old and things have just gotten worse. I am a big fan of this man, but I feel like his analysis into our seeming jadedness to this mass economic pillage is a bit shallow. Let's get down to brass tacks, the middle class is still too comfortable to bite the hand that slaps, there is a also an aspect of learned helplessness that we have deviously been indoctrinated into, and the stigma of the riot runs deep. I'm gonna toss out there too that this stigma has more than a little bit to do with racism, but I'll address that later for sure.

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