Sunday, January 11, 2009

Q: What steps should be taken to stop a slaughter?

Riots break out in Europe and Pakistan against Israel's bloody attack on Gaza, mass protests worldwide.


So far there are over
over a thousand Palestinians dead, and many thousands wounded 13 Israeli's have been killed, all but three are military.
"The civilian population has no way to hide. The population density is so high you can not do attacks like this without knowing that you are attacking the civilians.

"Also, the injuries must come from extremely explosive devices. We suspect that Israel is using a new type of high explosive called Dime [dense inert metal explosive].

"We urge the world, stop the bombing of Gaza. Please stop it."

--Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor working at Shifa hospital in Gaza City


  1. In NYC Sunday, Police attacked protesters, at least 30 people were arrested. Unprovoked, cops used pepper spray and tear gas. See

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