Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harvey Milk, the White Night Riots and Lesbians Against Police Violence

This account of the white night riots of 1979 really enthralled me. The author Maggie Jochild offers up a first hand glimpse of radical queer activism in San Francisco, the amazing and frightening events leading up to, during, and the repercussions of, the riots in San Francisco, and a somewhat surprising, less than glowing remembrance of Harvey Milk. The link also includes amazing pictures, youtube video of the riot and the aggressive Gay/Lesbian Freedom Day Marches, and links to other accounts of the riot. Particularly interesting and infuriating is an account of the Elephant Walk police riots, brutal cop revenge for the white night riots. Exciting & sobering.


  1. Compton's Cafeteria Riot, first known queer riot in the States:

  2. holy shit, thank you! there is so much that is amazing about that no doubt deserves its own post