Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prison Riots!

The huge riots in a West Texas prison are a direct response from prisoners to poor medical care, this is not surprising as poor medical care in prison is a nation wide epidemic. People are dying in their cells from treatable ailments, communicable disease spreads like wildfire, mental illness created and exasperated by typical prison conditions. It's obscene people. I hope this action brings those folks some relief, already the local media is talking about prison medical care...

Overview of the Prison Health Crisis

Texas Prisons and Health Care

Health care crisis and women prisoners

AIDS crisis in prison

The prison riot has long been a tactical response to the severe oppression felt by the incarcerated, if you are not up on your history, please read about the Attica rebellion (wiki synopsis, and deeper, and video of Attica prisoners telling their story), it's an amazing and tragic piece of people's history, know it, spread it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greek Riots, Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Farmers on tractors fought police in Athens demanding financial aid. Meanwhile, militants stepped it up a notch by attacking a police station.

Farmer driving a tractor into riot cops

Farmers throwing potatoes at riot cops

Roots of the explosion in Greece, a deeply embedded mistrust of power and a love of rebellion. Americans have this history too! Where is our anger?

Analysis from the middle-left

Analysis from the neo-situationalist left