Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have We Already Missed Our Chance?

Our collective disdain at the sick and twisted mismanagement of our money by private banks, and the government has gone unheeded, we have not adequately displayed the anger and urgency of this moment. We have been so horrendously fucked with, and who amongst us has any confidence in this bailout? The fires manifested from our pain and sadness should of liquefied the steel supports of the banks responsible and our screams should have scared shitless the governmental powers into conceding some real change.

From Naked Capitalism (read the whole article):
The Obama Administration is as obviously and fully hostage to the interests of the financial services industry as the Bush crowd was. We have no new thinking, no willingness to take measures that are completely defensible (in fact not doing them takes some creative positioning) like wiping out shareholders at obviously dud banks (Citi is top of the list), forcing bondholder haircuts and/or equity swaps, replacing management, writing off and/or restructuring bad loans, and deciding whether and how to reorganize and restructure the company. Instead, the banks are now getting the AIG treatment: every demand is being met, no tough questions asked, no probing of the accounts (or more important, the accounting).
We should of been rioting a long time ago!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

BBC's the Oracle Predicts Riots and Beheadings!

Outrage at the global financial crisis spreads while the swine who helped get us in this mess leisurely swim, oink and wank in the oceans of bailout money sent their way by the feds. The Oracle seriously ponder banker beheadings and pitchfork wielding rioters. Please! less talk, more rock.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Malcolm X on Rioting

You’re trying to drive him into a ghetto and make him the victim of every kind of unjust condition imaginable. Then when he explodes, you want him to explode politely!

scratchboard art by William Schaff

Last summer, when the Blacks were rioting—the riots, actually they weren’t riots in the first place; they were reactions against police brutality.2 And when the Afro-Americans reacted against the brutal measures that were executed against them by the police, the press all over the world projected them as rioters. When the store windows were broken in the Black community, immediately it was made to appear that this was being done not by people who were reacting over civil rights violations, but they gave the impression that these were hoodlums, vagrants, criminals....

And when you see the Blacks react, since the people who do this aren’t there, they react against their property. The property is the only thing that’s there. And they destroy it. And you get the impression over here that because they are destroying the property where they live, that they are destroying their own property. No. They can’t get to the man, so they get at what he owns.

Read the entire speech here.